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#248194 - Before she says anything “I’ve dated her before you came into my life!” that sees to appease her and makes Julie’s eye widen at my confession. Finding Julie at her desk on the phone, again only hearing the one side of a two sided conversation. Fenton may qualify as a possible answer to that line!” “Is this your way of getting back at me for not telling you I had a cock while we dated two years ago?” Jordan all up in my face before coming up with her own idea “Why not search the prisons for a hermie and offer a parole if they agree to help?” Chief D’lorde picks up on that and runs with it “Yes Ed why not offer amnesty to Dagostine Hujax?” “Didn’t even know him there were any hermaphrodites in Coastal Paradise let alone two, chief!” Wasn’t lying to them, it was nothing I ever felt that I needed to know.

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