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#144907 - She moved over to Adrian first and sat on his lap facing him with her legs wide apart and her skirt riding above her hold up stockings exposing her bare flesh, she sank her red lips straight onto his and kissed him deeply, his hands went round her ass as he pulled her against his cock which I guess was growing fast. it increased and I could see he was going to ejaculate into her, the rhythm increased and there in front of me this man was gripping my wife's waist and ramming his cock into it's cum spurting finale, she was almost screaming and was sucking the bedclothes to muffle the sound. Of course drinks in our room were offered and accepted, Gill then took over I have often fantasised about being a hooker she said and giggling asked if she could try it out with two experienced men of the world.

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I love this girl so much the way she livks her lips when she sees his cock so sexy her breasts are perfect i love her face and her arms and that blowjob was perfect she is everything
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