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#309887 - At this very moment Bobby was feeling especially excited as he stood in front of Hal and Gil with a raging hardon, and while he wasn't hung as well as the two men, his dick looked much bigger than it's seven inches because he was so slightly built. Hal reached out and gave his pecker a little squeeze and then pulled Bobby face down across their laps as he quickly had Bobby sucking on his huge dick while Hal rubbed and fondled his smooth hairless ass while fingering the youngster's bung hole. Gil loved seeing his pecker head in Bobby's mouth and had Bobby suck him to sleep every night, while Hal on the other hand loved that smooth ass more than anything else, and was always amazed at how such a small asshole could so easily accommodate his massive erection! Sometimes when he and Hal were 69ing each other he had to admit that one more that one occasion he was really thinking about Bobby's tush! Bobby on the other hand got a lot out of their relationship too.

Read Sislovesme 性溢房屋 1-32 中文翻译(完结) Perfect Pussy 性溢房屋 1-32 中文翻译(完结)

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