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#61690 - When out in Bellarond sound the water starts churning and there the Karkaren rising holding the Villainous in it’s tentacles. Slowly I become aware. Outside after closing the door Jordan stops me Can we talk Eddie?” Like a smart ass “well we both know English and can make sentences!” “A simple yes or no idiot!” Not waiting for a reply “I bet you’re wondering how you never found out I was a hermaphrodite while we dated?” Well the thought has crossed my mind since I found out but I wasn’t going to be the one to ask! “Well i keep it taped along the joint of my left leg while we were intimate!” Oh like that seemed likely, “Remember I told you I had a sudden swelling along there!” Oh Christ I thought she meant like a varicose vein or something not a dick! Shuddering as I recall our one time together after a particularly long shift! Then “Hey I hear you got yourself one of those Robo-bitches.

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Romio inuzuka
Gr ter cringe ever
Shuichi shindo
So does natalie do porn if so what s her porn name