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#140260 - They pushed me onto a low vaulting horse which was about thigh high, with large handles on the top, they manhandled my body so that I lay right over the other side pointing downhill virtually upside down, and they forced my legs apart and tied my knees to the handles which completely exposed my cunt. At the time I knew my favourite Matron was working, she was a large but homely lady who had recently returned to work after maternity leave. One day I was so wet I inserted the hairbrush handle into my cunt, it slid in some of the way really easy then I felt some pressure as it hit my hymen, by then I was so enjoying the feeling of the handle rubbing against my cunt walls so I just pushed the hairbrush deeper into me, I felt a sharp discomfort but the more I pulled and pushed the hairbrush in and out of my cunt the pain went away.

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Ema maeda
You are so sweet
Yoh asakura
Hey thats pretty weird but cool