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#39228 - 3 stories in one, This is three fantucys, from a girls veiw in one, Hope you enjoy, constructive critidisum please, scuse spelling ---------- Lura one I sit on ur knee and unbutton ur jeans lettin it stick out then I drop my pants and lift up my skirt pull my top of un fassen my bra then start sucking on you makin a noise I do it so quickly then I sit on it n ride you untill your about to cum so you take it out of me and squirt it alll over my boobs then you get a spoon I go on my hands and knees and you spooon feed me all the cum off my boobs and I love it getting so excited each spoon you gather then when I sawllow them I get more wetter each time then I push you down and lay on top of you all your bigness comin in me I scream and cum xxxx Youd whisper cum on laura you have to eat ur medicine I know u want it now open wide for aj like a good girl *I put my moth around the spoon suckin the cum of* I smile ur hot cum in my mouth u spank me hard and say swallow bad girl! I

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