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#393285 - ” One of the cubicle doors open and a man walked out of the cubicle, washed his hands and left the toilet, Mal was curious and went into the cubicle and closed the door, it was then he saw the large hole in the wall between the cubicles, he bent down and looked through the hole, at first he couldn't believe what he was seeing and he lifted his head up and away from the hole, he was confused and when he looked through the hole again he saw his daughter stroking a man's hard cock, then as he kept looking in disbelief, he saw his daughter taking the man's cock into her mouth and begin to suck on the man’s cock. “We better get home. “Are you alright Emma?” Emma didn't answer him and he yelled out.

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Mitsukuni haninozuka
Please keep doing these you are a genuinely funny
Jun suzuki
You have sinned in the eyes of danny devito you will all perish