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#408029 - com) ************************************ The day started like any other everyone in the Tendo house now waking to a new day except for Ranma and his father Genma who spent all night training in the dojo to wrapped up to realize it was already morning until Kasumi called from the kitchen, Breakfast is ready was heard by all in the house, who then entered and sat to eat. Ranma walking behind Akane now headed home, Look Akane, it's no different then when our father’s cooked Nabiki He said walking up to her so they were now standing side by side and walking down the street, I guess your right Ranma, but I can't see a girl really wanting to be cooked like a piece of meat She said with a shudder, You've never thought about being spit roasted?, or oven roasted?, or slaughtered and butchered??? Ranma asked coyly, Yes Ranma I have but not the way you think She replied. The closer they got to Ukyo's Okonomiyaki Restaurant they could see the line of peop

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Who is he
Yami yugi
Money can do every thing man
Kaoruko sazaki
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