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#278896 - In bed that night l was thinking just how good my life was turning out, l had a master who was easy to please and now a lover with a lovely cock with the sweetest tasting spunk, my only annoyance was an old woman who lived in the garage, but she wasn’t always going to be there, turning onto my side l went to sleep. Jeremy said that since Markus and l were getting on, he and Shirley will be going as they had a table booked, Markus showed them out and from the hallway he called, he put his arm around my waist and led me to a door at the back of the house then before opening it, announced it was my room and where l will entertain him and went inside. I waited in the kitchen and got on with something to eat, Markus came into the kitchen slapped my bum and kissed me, since he was in a good mood l asked if he contacted Jeremy about my nic-nak’s from my old flat and arrange for me to have my hair done by Jake, the stuff from my place l wasn’t really worried about, it was more of a cover

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Keito nichi
I called chief confirmed this is it
Diosa mamadora se huevos quiero una
Mireille bouquet
Not the most interesting or deep plot but good enough