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#138 - When I was 15 he remarried to a woman Dena who had 2 daughter’s they were mean I had to give up my pretty fairy tale room to one of my two sister’s Kat her sister Daisy took the other one that left me with a room next to the maids. I wake up when I my alarm goes off I dress and get to the kitchen only to be met by my step mother who tells me that I father was killed last night, and I don’t know if I am happy or sad because was so mean so I ask what’ going to happen to me and she says I have to do what she tells me to do because she is my guardian now because he didn’t leave a will and I know my life will be harder. After I lick and suck both my step sister’s pussy I help each one shower and dress they are both off to school I go to my step mother who is mad because it took he so long she tells me that for now on come to her first after making her cum three times I am cleaning the kitchen when the doorbell rings it’s the doctor who has me take my clothes off in the dining room and get

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