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#195073 - XXY, just three little insignificant letters in the English alphabet, that is unless that was your chromosome designation and not the normal XX or XY!!! XX equals girl, XY equals boy, while XXY equals what!?! For Sula it meant being caught in a permantent limbo between male and female, with oversized male genitalia and a woman's breasts and hips with no discernable body facial or chest hair!!! She stared intently into the full length mirror in her dressing room, and while her body was incredibly feminie with its perfect breasts, flat stomach, long lean legs, and round soft bottom, her eyes always first gravitated to her groin where hung a fully operation penis that stood eight inches long when completely erect!!! Even as she stood there, the blood flowed to her organ engorging it before her very eyes until it was angrily standing up, demanding the attention it so deserved, so with eyes half closed, she grasped herself firmly and with a series of hard urgent jerkings, tempted a shu

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