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#285851 - Tyrie and Bull offered to give them a ride up to the plantation house saying that Master George would know what a phone was and above that send a team of horses to pull their wagon up to it and have more knowledge of just what kind of wagon these strange people had and where to heck they had come from!! Tyrie and bull grabbed their pitch forks and threw the hay at the back forwards and made seating for all three of wild looking strangers to ride on the back and watched as Thedford helped his wife Irene up onto the wagon then Stephanie, and last Maryanne now Tyrie and Bull knew their place so to speak but boy howdy did they ever like getting an eye full of that nice big butt of the wife and for damn sure both Stephanie and Maryanne's tight little jiggly ones!! mmmm mmm Tyrie thought!! Bull was staring to!! So now Tyrie and Bull got back in the seat and got the horses going both whispering to each other damn that's some fine ass white pussy ain't it? Did U sme

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Lieri bishop
Another great hentai wow thank you