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#113874 - I brought a lot of food since I had forgotten what her favorite thing was on the menu. We ate quickly not talking a lot about anything. I had no idea if she was aware of what had just happened, but I was not going to say anything.

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Orsola aquinas
The girls name with the glasses is sexy engel
Omg shut up so irritating
Akari oozora
Jemand lust mich die n chsten tage mal hart zu ficken
Marina akizuki
I m not too sure what to do i m not exactly big down there but i m not small either with that being said i don t feel like i satisfy my girl properly sometimes and i wouldn t be closed to the idea of someone else bbc fucking her the only problems i really have is i don t want to lose her i m not sure if i would actually like it happening and if i didn t i d more than likely lose her whether it be from me not being able to take it or her just wanting more