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#308022 - It's all yours,” Seth offered, his naked body still dripping wet from his shower! Vic was now staring openly at Seth's body, but for some reason he didn't care whether Seth saw him or not! Seth noticed the look on Vic's face and said, What's the matter, am I offending you!?! Not at all, Vic almost too quickly responded, I was just admiring your excellent physical condition! Seth took that as a real compliment and did a fast pirouette, giving Vic a better look at his whole body and then replying, You look in pretty good shape yourself, I'll bet even better than me!!! Oh, not a chance, retorted Vic, I have a few sags here and there, but I'm not as young as I used to be!!! Oh come on, rejoined Seth, just look at you, you're perfect!!! Before Vic could answer, Seth had grabbed him by the arm and pulled him to his feet and as he was taking off Vic’s shirt said, The only way to be sure is to compare ourselves side by side! Vic stood

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