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#275227 - The longing in my groins is exuberated as you push me up against the door to your room, pinning me as your wet mouth devours mine sending exhilarating tingles through my veins as you casually unlock your door, I feel the absence of the door and step backward as we continue to kiss, using your foot to gently close the door behind you, your hands roam all over my back, down my arms and back up again, one hand comes up and holds the back of my head as your other hand squeezes my firm bottom, I am entranced by you but to soon you pull away, you smell my hair and tell me I smell good enough to eat, I want your lips back on mine I want to suck on your lip, nibble it, instead you take my hand in yours bring it up and run it across your cheek, your lips part ever so slightly, the fire inside me begins to burn even brighter, I watch mesmerised as you open up my hand turn it over, kiss my palm, then each of my fingers in turn, I moan as you suck my middle finger into your mouth, your tongue circ

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Jeri katou
That was so hot keep him locked up and make more of these
David king
I really want a girlfriend so i can do things like that with her i miss it a lot i miss feeling loved
Makoto hozumi
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Aoi kotonoha
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