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#327992 - I heard Jan trying to calm her down, saying things like it will be ok, everything will work out, can’t you book another model, well what size are the outfits, no I don’t think Jim would be too pleased, no why can’t you reschedule the shoot, yes I am a size eight you know that, no I am not that pretty, I have no experience, yes I will have to talk to Jim, ticket will be at the Qantas club, right, all right all right, I will do it, yes I will see you at the gate, now stop crying it will be ok, yes I love you to Cindy, good night. We broke for lunch and John ferried us back to the boat where Captain Nick had laid out a spread of chicken salad & ham salad, champagne for the girls & beers for the boys, I noticed April & Sam headed on inside the boat cabin and shortly returned with a glazed look in their eyes, they were all over each other & giggling profusely, Chad announced that he wanted to get some sunset photos at the end of the day so there was no need to hurry back to the beach for

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Yoshimoto imagawa
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Asumi nase
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