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#137053 - The elevator should of been fast. She should of step off the elevator when he told her that he was going down to the basement, she knew what a dark lonely place it was, she should of seen the way his hungry eyes striped away her clothing and fed on her naked body, she should of seen the lust in his eyes for it was there for all to see, she should of felt how he fondled her in his mind, she should of felt the heat of his lust for it burned with the intensity of a volcano. I awoke for my host lust level was very high, I saw who had triggered his lust, I became aware of his fantasy, he wanted her but would do nothing about it, his way was too slow so I took her despite the struggle she put up, there was no hot passionate kisses, no caresses to excite us, no soft words of sweetness in praise of her beauty and splendid figure, it was lust in the raw essence, I am not my host, I am not the romantic.

Read Putinha ふたなり天嫁と天さんがせっくしゅしてるだけの話 Model ふたなり天嫁と天さんがせっくしゅしてるだけの話

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Kaname kuran
I thought nutting would bring me happiness no i regret it
Hanamaru kunikida
I have those same pants
Yukino kikukawa
Thank you
Risa kamizaki
Omg eres muy amable papi s2