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#31377 - Hailey reached for some tissue’s and cleaned me up, then they left my room, as she was pulling my door to, Hailey told me if I said anything about this I was dead. She lay back and we turned on our side’s facing each other, she kissed me and closed her eyes, I held her close and lay there wondering where we went from here. I put my hand on her knee, she didn’t move it, slowly I ran it up her leg, reaching her panties I rubbed my finger across her pussy, she opened her legs a little, she wasn’t minding me touching her like this so I thought I would go a little further, I eased her panties aside and rubbed her naked pussy, “Oh God” She stood up, I thought I had blown it and she was leaving, but she unfastened her skirt and let it drop to her feet, then her panties followed, I couldn’t believe my sister was naked in my room, she sat back on my bed and continued wanking me, I slipped my hand back between her legs and started fingering her pussy, she was already wet, she had a couple

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