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#290134 - --- ---- ----- So i fell asleep in her room little to know that i would wake up and she would be cooking my favorite food and i ate and then she told me well ur cousin is going to spend the week with her boyfriend so its me and you this week since she is my favorite aunt i said ok kool --------- ----- now that i ate and we might as well get used to eachother i wasnt used to how cold it became it was 40 degrees in the house became very cold and blankets wouldnt do the trick so she said to me can u come over here cause as u know im a 55 year old lady and i am a big one so i need some warmth and i said ok and then i got over and put my arms around her i thought it would be good but i had my arms around her neck so she grabbed my arm and put it on her stomach remember she is a big lady so i had one touching her massive breast and then i started getting hard and she said whats that and i said that is just the phone and i moved the phone up so it wouldnt be touching her and then s

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When he begs omg it s so hot
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