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#82560 - MY lips were still hard on Robbs cock when he suddenly lifted me off threw me on my back and slamed his cock into me. he knelt with his face at her crotch, lifted her leg's and nearly had her doubled up, I could see his toungue at her slit, flicking, probing, she was moaning so loudly, Robb stired on the other bed but he just lay and watched he seemd too far gone to move, I moved up to Megans head put my crotch to her face, fucked her face, ohhhh my she had an amazing mouth, I rubbed my crotch right onto her open mouth, oh it felt good, Stu watched this and coulnd't hold back, I held onto megans leg's pulling them back and open, I could smell her pussy it was intoxicating and her hole was open to him, Stu kelt up took his cock out of his pant's he rubbed it up and down megans slit all the while keeping his eye's on mine, I saw some of his dick slip up her pussy and felt her breathing change, I leant forwards and Stu kissed me as he started to fuck I could feel

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