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#69883 - the next day me and harvey went to school and did are usal lessons and after school i had detention with miss carlton (she is a total bitch) when i went to my detention i kissed harvey goodbye and she said we will have less of that mr spencer me and harvey said sorry miss carlton as she was walking in the class room i put my middle finger up at her she turn around just after i had put my finger down and she said shall we begin your punishment or is your social life more important i said bye harvey i went into the class and sat down she handed me about ten sheets of paper and a pen and said you will write i will not bully new students on all pages front and back with out any gaps i began writing the line and about 10 minutes into writting them i looked up and she shouted that another 30 line for looking up i shot her a dirty look and she said make that 50 i said yes miss carlton when i had wrote all the lines including the extra 50 she said to me now your going to clean

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