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#226428 - The plane was just about reaching cruising altitude as the entire traveling company of the Pro Skaters On Ice were settling into their seats for the long flight from Miami to Salt Lake City, when Lindsey teased her best friend, Allison, with, You'll never guess what I saw after the show last night!?! I dunno, Allison replied, what did you see last night after the show!?! Okay, Lindsey answered, Of everyone in the show, show do you wanna fuck the most!?! Shush, Allison whispered angrily, do you want everyone on the plane to hear you!?! Uh, sorry about that, Lindsey replied brightly, so, who is it, then!?! Well, I guess it would be Cary, she said a little sourly, but every time I even so much as hint that I'd like to see him socially, he always makes up some worthless excuse that he's busy, blah, blah, blah, so what did you see Cary doing that would interest me!?! Are you sure you want to know, Lindsey asked a little doubtfully?!? My god, Allison re

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Had to watch this full screen thought that squirt at the end hit my face just wow
Me encantas
Tsugumi higashijuujou
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