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#18137 - As the pants fell to the floor into a heap, she stepped dexterously out of them, the Scavos pausing there for a moment before Lynette jumped onto him again and he fell back onto the bed. Lynette span around, keeping her firm buttocks permanently pressed against the denim surrounding Susan’s legs. ” Lynette was shocked but her need for the money and need to keep her family afloat led her to forget her inhibitions, “So I have to masturbate here?” she asked him, “Oh no, you can’t masturbate, your body must be flat at the time of ingestion in order for the optimum angle, your husband will be needed to do the stimulation…” he explained, “My husband can’t know about this… I’m sorry I’ll have to opt out…” she told him, picking up her bag, “We have a variety of vibrators and equipment with nurses here to work them, listen! Miss Scavo! We’ll pay you 15,000 dollars, please!” he yelled, this money now coming out of his own pocket as he had a share in the pills business, she turned back, agreeing

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