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#153371 - So now I have a 90lb dog lying on me, pinning me to the couch and once again licking my face. I just had to concentrate on keeping my wanking hand smoothly working back and forth on his cockshaft to a fast but steady rhythm which I did whilst whispering to Carlo ; “Come on, there’s my boy, let’s get all of that lovely doggy spunk out of those enormous balls of yours !”. Every now and then I would stop and allow my fingers to run back along the length of his erect penis to its very base where, after gently squeezing the thick root of his cockshaft at my leisure, I proceeded to cup his low hanging balls and showed them my admiration for them by gently caressing them in my fingers before repeatedly squeezing them a little to let him know that I knew that where his spunk was stored, and that I wanted to feel it coursing through the length of his sex organ under my fingers and watch it spurting out from the tip of his penis and spilling onto the wooden floor beneath him.

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Konata izumi
Wooowwww i rubbed my clit raw to this again i swear every aspect of this hentai gets me off
Yukari hinata
She fucks so good
Goro akechi
I rub my pussy really hard after this
Najimi ajimu
Damaris rivera aka queen spit
Takane shijou
The middle girl who is she