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#85650 - her squirms and screams and fighting to get way made him even more vigorious in his thrusts, his hunger renewed he laid her down pinned her to the floor and held her legs to his shoulders to get better access to be deeper holding her tightly to not throw him off balance holding her ass in his hands as he fucked her hole in the air. drained and sweaty humiliated, they took him to the kitchen and made him eat and drink still holding the butt plug if he didn't comply. jared the driver saw her honked his horn and told they guys that he found the fun tonight, they all cheered and parked not far from her drive way, snook into the house found her dad shot him with a dart gun that knocked him out then placed him in his daughters bedroom tied up hidden from view taped mouth but could see the bed his daughter slept every night she was home.

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