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#29129 - Do you feel a little better now? “Yes, she said can I stay a while so my eyes do not look to red when I go? Of course, I replied. How am I going to do this, here I am stood all but naked in pair of shorts my hair stood on end, lets be honest none of us look that good when we have a cold and just got out of bed do we? I sit down opposite her and started to say the sort of things that make a women feel better like here is my gold card go and blast it (only joking) no I say “Mel you are a little smasher and there must be a queue of men trying to get with you” “Don’t you understand I am sick of these young guys who think they know it all and in truth know fuck all, except the size of their cocks? ! Wow ! I thought Mel is pissed, I had better watch my self as I may get a blast from her. Mel, can I ask you a question “yes anything” why have you come here today how did you know I was home, “My mum told me, I spoke with her and she said you did not feel well” Well

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