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#216549 - Before Julia could wipe her face l rubbed the spunk into her hair she remarked how that’s the strangest hair-gel she has ever used, l picked up her clothes and told her to wear her coat back to the car, we passed some dogwalker and once in the car she said how being naked got her wet so she moved the car to one corner of the car park and we put the seats back, l covered her neck and tits with love-bites as she finger fucked herself when we had to go l gave her clothes back, Julia asked about booking the motel again or we could go to her new house and l could help her organise the house and garden, she winked and said her husband won’t be there Friday afternoon or Saturday mornings and we wouldn’t have to book any motels anymore and she would pay me not just in sex. I was waiting at the train station as arranged, when l got into her car she said we were going to the beach, on the way she was telling me about her visit to her parents l joked if she told them about her new boy-friend Lyn

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