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#107188 - My story is about my classmate the lady who i will not forget her , it was school time when i met Mina ,, she was white attractive young lady ,, ambitious ,, smart and liberal one ,, besides that she was sexy ,, kind of slim body with small teats of a girl in 16 ,with long hair bearly touch her small round ass I was entirely crazy about her smooth skin , trustful treads , she was 20 years old but when any looking at her eyes he will find himself drowning in her eyes sea !!! One day I was walking beside her at the university`s` park and I was thinking about this small titts and how can I convince her to let me taking her to bed but she was very careful in her talk and as any oriental woman she had tried to keep the speak out of sexual topics, when i realized that would not work I invited her to nearest café to drink something then I I told her Mina I want kiss yours !!!!!! she had shocked and she stepped back with opened mouth her eyes were widely staring at me ,blushed red face she

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