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#345435 - Not for a lack of trying I mean she is sexy she has long brown hair to the middle of her back I nice olive complexion to her skin she has full nice perky breast size 34 c and she weighs roughly 150 five feet five inches tall and is 31 years old. I then with her beautiful red soft hair in my right hand I and her head pulled back I quickly covered her mouth with my left has as to stop any attempt of anyone hearing her and distracting what I wanted all day. Well on my way home from work I stopped at Walmart just to kill some time there was a really sexy woman walking around aimlessly just like me but the moment I saw her I felt my dick just start to jump to life she was walking around in black short shorts they came up right above the bottom of her ass cheeks she had long legs she stood about 5,7-5,8 she was an athletic build nice skinny waist wrapped in a black small shirt she had no bra on so you can see the outline of her nipples she had a nice little b cup she had her red hair up in

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Shi huang di
Honey you are very beautiful
Robin hood
Oh yeah