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#218537 - I was out in my recliner watching porn when my daughter and her bff snuck up on me, they started asking questions, they was both just barely 18. Since then we have been together, I took Candy down and got her on birth control, but Raven ended up pregnant, 2 weeks later I married Raven, but we have kept Candy as our nanny, older sister, but we all share the same bed and when 1 of the girls are indisposed I have sex with the other 1, they have both become wonderful cock suckers, and Candy loves to have her Daddy cum in her mouth. First I put on submission collars on them, that also restrained there hands, then I started working my way down there lean tight bodies, first 1 girl then the other, until I got to their pussies, there I concentrated on Raven first and brought her to multiple orgasms, then I did Candy, they each had at least 6 orgasms, then I had them get on their knees still with their hands restrained, and I blindfolded them too.

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Cloud of darkness
Omg so hot
Saki miyanaga
Love it when she says down my throat so sexy
Very good hentai put a like if you want to fuck me like in the hentai
Super sexy i always love seeing those red lips