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#23995 - I thrusted in Taylor's pussy hard digging my finger nails into her ass as she pushed my lips into hers it felt like she was gonna suck my face of she was enjoying having my cock inside her so much her animal side took over and rolled me onto my back and straddled my cock and rode my cock i could see her pussy sliding up and down on my cock my cock was all shiny with globs of white cum running down the sides puddling between us as her wet pussy takes my entire cock up and down she yelled at me she was cumming i saw more puddles of cum seep out of her pussy down my cock my hands were still firmly planted on her ass as she bops her whole lower body up and down my cock my time was coming close i didint know if the super star would appreciate it if i came inside her but she was to drunk and orgasmic to answer any question and i did not want my cock to slide out of her i want it to be inside her forever. Towards the end of the morning Taylor had to go to her rehearsals i

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