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#328385 - We went in it was the first time she’d been there I showed her round she went to the toilet as I made us a cup of coffee I heard her come out of the bathroom she must of went into my bedroom a couple of minutes went by then she walked into the lounge where I sat with the coffee I nearly dropped my cup when I saw her she was like a pale olive coloured statue of Venus beautiful I just stared then she said do you like me I could only come out with WOW !! Just over five feet hair dark nearly black down to her shoulders nice not to narrow shoulders nice well rounded breasts not to large chocolate coloured aureoles and small stick out nipples her breasts hung over a nice flat tummy the hair on her pussy looked as if it was curly and black I could see a slight gap in the middle a little T shaped at the top of her legs nice rounded hips and buttocks , legs looked lovely just the right size for her height she sat down next to me and said put on slow dance music and get undressed I did as I was

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