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#55394 - Emma turned back to face the sales girl, and in a low voice replied, The reason I ask, is because I want to try on a bra that's your size. Brenda couldn't believe any of this was happening to her!!! What was truly incredible was that she hadn't even tried to stop it from happening! Instead she just stood there like a statue and did as she was told! What was even more frightening was the fact that having her face buried in the bosom of the big titted stranger was incredibly arousing, a fact which she was sure was not lost on the dominant old bitch! And she was just about to find out just exactly how much the old woman knew, because as the glassy eyed girl looked on, Emma gently pushed her away and without further of do slipped off her panties and plopped down on a chair with her legs spread wide apart!!! Even in her state of stunned arousal this was too much for Brenda to take! W-what are you doing?!? she gasped while ogling the hairiest pussy she had ever seen in

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