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#57308 - I was blowing it Shit, so what. I've never really thought about aunt Angie in a sexual way, i mean she's my aunt. All of that stuff is just wrong and sick, my mind goes to such sick places, i wish i could just stop thinking about it, now i was mad at her for being so sloppy I mean can't you put a password or hide it better or just call the folder boring work stuff (it's not the best plan but it's something!) I walked to the kitchen sleepy and grumpy, she was sitting there, fully dressed and ready for work That's a surprise she said What are you doing up before 2? Aunt Angie had been teasing me about not having a job for a while now, I absolutely hate it (So i don't have a job, I'm young and i need to find out what i want to do with my life, don't judge me) I was going to get angry but as i looked at her all i could see was her sitting in front of the computer, watching her porn.

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