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#144878 - She looked me in the eye and with a serious expression asked, “If I say yes can we do this again”? “I guess we have to keep it a secret, you know us being brother and sister” Miranda perked, “I don’t mind that you’re my brother”! I smiled back at her loving face before replying, “You may be my little sister but you’re still the most beautiful sexy girl I ever saw in my entire life! So I’d love it if you were my girl”! Would you believe after all we’d already done she blushes and dropped her eyes embarrassedly? Since she didn’t answer I prompted her. She reminded me of a cat the way she lie there unmoving her long raven black hair pillowed around her head, but it was her soft dark eyes half closed yet watching every movement with keen interest that told me she wasn’t here out of innocent boredom. Mom called again, “Miranda, did you hear me”? She snapped out of her trance called back, “Coming mom”! She stopped herself long enough to lift the hem of her nightgown, showing me her white c

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