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#179982 - We turned toward the services and the lorry followed, Pete drove a big empty space near the back of the car park near some trees, and stopped, he rolled up my window a bit and locked the doors, just as the driver pulled up along side, I pushed my seat back as far as it would go, and turned so my now exposed and really wet pussy was facing the lorry driver, I ran my fingers up and down my wet slit then started to finger myself, all the time looking right at the driver who couldn’t take his eyes off my fingers. I saw my hubby Peter, in his car in the carpark and walked over to him, he got out and kissed my cheek, then opened the back door and got out a big bunch of flowers, he handed them to me, and told me to jump in, I was surprised to get flowers he never does things like that, he told me to get in, “whats going on Pete?” I asked “just get in the car, were going out” he replied “what about my car I don’t want to leave it here” I said “Its all taken care of don’t worry” he repl

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