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#292481 - Winthrop, how did you get my name, asked Sergio while he was in the process of setting up his massage table!?! I got it from Donna, Donna Atkins, she says you come very highly recommended!!! Well, I'll thank Donna next time I see her, Sergio replied smoothly, as he finished up snapping the last table leg into place, now tell me, what kind of trouble are you experiencing!?! Uh, it's my back mostly, Sami Winthrop replied, I have a lot of stiffness in the morning when I try to bend over! Mmmm, I see, he replied thoughtfully, I'm pretty sure we can help you with that, so if you would please disrobe and climb up on the table we can get started!!! Samantha knew that she would be removing her clothing, but when it finally came down to it, she couldn't help but be a little bit embarrassed by it all, so she shyly turned her back to Sergio and slipped out of her dress, panties and bra!!! After she was safely on the table, Sergio covered her from the waist down

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Good work
Yuika mitsumine
Yuuko shionji
She s adorable in those stockings and that guys cock is thick and beautiful i love how he s gripping her leg while he pumps his cum into her
Mojo jojo
Oooh my