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#141135 - Gemma placed some anal beads in my left hand and i proceeded to pop one in with each thrust she gave me until twelve were in, with every gyration i would pop one out and she'd suck it back in, my movements in sync with her moans maggie was nearly there, her face and chest deep red, her back arching; my tongue and thumb reaching a frenzied pace. It was pitch black, out of the darkness came a pair of hands and slid my jacket down my shoulders and moved to unbutton my shirt, i felt another body press against me from behind, the hands started to unbuckle my belt, pop the button on my pants and slide into my underwear gripping my rapidly hardening cock, a voice whispered in my ear i want you to paint me it was maggie, anytime i replied. It was a beautiful afternoon; the smell of freshly cut grass and a distant barbeque hung in the air, as i sat in my garden rubbing tanning oil into my chest i heard my neighbours screen door swing open, it made that nails on blackboard sound that

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