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#24587 - caught Nathan damn it he wasn’t suppose to see me and karina , why did he show up a joe’s why do any of us decide to do anything at joe’s we always get caught , but we aren’t together me and matt we just get together to have a good time I think , damn it its just suppose to be sex , he is playing mind games with me , he kissed ,e and says it was fun while it lasted what is that , he’s got me hooked some kind of way. Bellini , italian name nathan was an Italian stallion he was well built had the best face out of everyone in school and he was my fuck buddy , i dreaded school before but i looked forward to it we had gotten a A+ on the project, Nathan had completely stopped bothering me when no one was looking he would smile at me and wink we would occasionally sneak together in the boys bathroom , made sure there was no one in there and make out in a bathroom stall . (Nathan) i never showed anyone that i was weak or remotely weak , i always had to be the strong jock that gee

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