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#258820 - Maybe she just wants my money, Hannah thought, no, prayed, to herself, “please don’t hurt me, I’ll do whatever you want!” she added aloud *SMACK* “First of all, I will hurt you if I DAMN well please you fucking bitch” even with her face scrunched up in anger, this woman was captivating, Hannah’s jaw dropped and she felt herself get slightly aroused. She had squirted all over Lorraine’s hands and stomach. Just the look on Hannah’s face, the look of such fear and pain, made Lorraine’s pussy explode in ecstasy.

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This is actually the type of punishing humiliation that i need to make me behave
Hot ass
Takumi aldini
Bad slave i suggest a ruined orgasm in the cage after at least ten days to punish him and edge him daily i feel frustrated most when i have to go back in cage after being edged
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