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#250498 - The next hand Ben lost and I went over to take his boxers off it had been a while since I seen one this young I feel guilty I smiled, you never seen your son my BF asked yes when gets out of the shower I smiled, turn you on he asked me embarrassing me, honestly it does get me a little wet I said, and he said, what I asked, what do you do, nothing I said he's my son, nothing at all, you touch yourself, Ok yes I have done that,like earlier today, what I said, in the tub today, tell them what you told me, really I smiled< OK it's your birthday as you wish, I slid Ben's shorts off and started stroking his cock today when I got my bath and shaved my legs and pussy I was thinking about tonight and I rubbed my pussy and my clits thinking about going out with all you guys, it felt so good I came so much, they all stared in excitement as I bent down sucking Bens cock yummy I said rubbing his balls, Time my guy said> john and Ben were naked and me and Mike were down to our undies,

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