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#384510 - The next morning Mary Beth was riding my cock and Jasmine came back from feeding our son she saw her and joined back in saying but we have to be quiet, I told Jacob we weren’t ready to get up yet so be quiet, well that didn’t work because it was jasmine herself that let out a loud low moan as I buried my cock deep into her wet hole and fucked her mercilessly. When she came back that Friday night she told her mom that she would be sleeping there because we were going out and staying at a motel for the night, her mother was ok with that since after all she was a college woman now. When she left there she was wobbling but happy, she knew that she’d be sore but also told us that the next time was on her and she wanted a repeat of tonight, we have it set up for next weekend but she says she starts her period then so the week after that she’s ours for the entire night of fucking and sucking.

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