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#192779 - He kissed me and said the pills only work when mixed with a fluid with testosterone hormones but work stronger longer and harder than anything I'd ever have again which I really wanted along with his love right now and saw we had fourth minutes left on my watch before telling my Muslim lover to go ahead and fertilize the pills in my pussy with his semen cos im on birth control which I lied about for obvious reasons. I was putty again as he told me he has some very powerful xtc which he gets special made by his pedlar and sells on the side line which made him a powerful merchant as well and had me more excited. He offered me spoils and a good life in return if I'd spent some time with him when possible and said I'd think about it before he used some KY jelly to squeeze in his hand and shift my panty aside in front of my crotch below to lube me slow and deep while holding his arm around me and gripping me close and tight to keep me in place while I Moaned and hissed to say how good tha

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Queen zephyr
So sexy
Angela burton
Some excellent shots here
I want you both o_o
Whats her name