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#293581 - She hesitantly agreed, seeing her hesitant agreement i understood that the only way i could bed her would be by either blackmailing her or raping her i didn’t want to rape her as that would pose serious problems later on. Then is asked her if she had had sex with anyone before she replied no, I then told her to get naked she said please anything but that but i was adamant after about 5 mins of crying i got up and told her if she didn’t do it i would she immediately agreed she started taking off her top and skirt and then stood there in her lingerie i asked if she wants me to take off her bra and panty she started pleading saying not those. She looked happy at 1st thinking she had got new clothes but when she saw what i bought for her her smile faded, she saw that i had got her a white tank top that would only reach just above her navel and a really short skirt which if she bent her ass would be completely exposed.

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Anybody knows her name