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#8766 - All three felt very fortunate to have great toned bodies and if a little cosmetic surgery was needed now and then to help keep them this way, they certainly were not adverse in doing so and all three hoped they look as great as Cher at 64, Raquel Welch at 69 or Jane Fonda at 72! All three of the women had athletic, toned and ripped muscular defined bodies with full firm breasts, that even drew envious looks from the other gorgeous women that were on the beach with them! Natasha - five foot, ten inches, her German heritage had imparted her with beautiful firm full high set European up tilted, size 34DD breasts, with small areolas and nipples and had worn a black Brazilian tie side tricot string bikini with small micro triangle tops as she definitely had the body and assets to wear this skimpy bikini. It took a few minutes for the jetting geysers to finally die down…. “Oooooh don't, NO! Get your hands off me, don’t! Nooooooo! Oh please, please leave me alone,

Read Phat Ass Parasol - Erotic Summer! Beach Parasol! Interracial Hardcore Parasol - Erotic Summer! Beach Parasol!

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Mirai kamiki
Omg give me more this girl
Yzak joule
Hahaha fucking shadman posters hahaha