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#335279 - I took the panties and sniffed he inside I inhaled deeply then put them under the covers wrapped them around my hard dick and jacked off three timed into them then I fell asleap at about 2:00AM I was woken up when someone turned the lights on in my room I looked up and saw it was Kelly wearing nothing but a black thong and a black bra with pink lacing she asked if I got her note I said yea thanks she smiled and asked if the could have her skirt back so I said oh yea id forgotten that it was still on my dick I pulled them off and handed them to her as I did she asked if I got any on the outside I said no I don’t think so she then replied oh wow u didn’t get any on the outside but you sure coated the inside she then took off her thong and then put on her sperm lined cheerleader skirt she then sat down on my bed and I think I heard a slight squelch from the skirt she then reached her hand under the covers and grabbed hold of my still hard dick and she started jerking me off she then start

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