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#329742 - Steffi sat down and waited patiently for the gym teacher to get to the point while in a matter of fact voice, Miss Peters began, I've noticed in gym class that during strenuous exercises your breasts seem to bounce much more than normal, I don't know why, but it's bad for your chest muscles to have them banging and moving around so much! Steffi was dumbfounded at this line of inquiry, but she managed to nod her head in agreement and wait for the teacher to continue. Now it's quite evident that you have a much larger chest than most of the other girls in your class, but it's important that you take proper care of your breasts so that they don't begin to sag prematurely, so what I want to know is if you are wearing a proper sports bra during gym class, Miss Peters asked? Oh, yes, Steffi replied quickly, here it is, she said while fishing it out of her back pack and handed it to Miss Peters who carefully studied the sweaty garment for several secon

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