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#25182 - The bedroom smelt very musty and in need of the windows being opened, Markus’s Aunt stood beside the bed and l began to undress her, first unzipping the back of her dress which fell to the floor Markus ordered me to pick it up and hang on a chair, next l unclipped her bra, her thin dried up tits flopped down onto her stomach then l slid her knickers to her knees, she sat on the bed and l peeled them the rest of the way off, she lay on the bed. From one room l looked out of the window and saw the house really was in the middle of nowhere there was a large garage beside the house, after my expedition l went back to the lounge, Markus was on the wine so l asked if l could have a glass, he said l could once l had refitted the man-pussy cup, it really didn’t bother me having it between my cheeks although it did mean to sit comfortably l had to sit on my left or right bum cheek. He left for the village, although Markus wanted me to stay in my room l didn’t think he would mind if l went

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