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#248181 - When l went down stairs they were drinking and watching a gay porno film, Amyl patted the space next to him, so l sat down, Rasheed remarked they should call me Peaches as l had a great bum, Amyl replied he’ll find out later and kissed me hard on the lips then whispered had l ever done WS, l hadn’t a clue what he was talking about so answered ‘no’, he told me l will enjoy it, but first he wanted to have a few more drinks and to keep myself occupied Amyl asked me to kneel between his legs and suck his cock which l did, his cock wasn’t as thick or long as Rasheed’s, but it was still quite a length. I could feel each load that shot from the head of Tim’s cock as my climax increased the spunk dribbling from my urethral flowed faster, Tim lifted me off of his donkey cock so Neville could clean him, l just lay on the bed panting with Tim’s creamy spunk running from my arse, Neville’s spunk down my chin and my own cum over my legs, l felt so, so good, Tim and Neville dressed and left the bed

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