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#283784 - Other times she made just the head to enter, saying “No, my boy shouldn’t fuck his mommy – that is so naughty, mommy mustn’t let her baby screw her – but I can’t help it, you’re so big and hard and I’m so hot and horny – oh darling just a little, maybe just for a moment, so you can feel what it’s like – Ahh! I want to have you all the way inside me – I want you to cum in me – we mustn’t, but I can’t stop you – OHH! GOD! Fuck me, FUCK ME - I”M CUMMING BABY!! CUUMMINNGG!!!” Of course those words made me explode too. I penetrated about half way and withdrew to just a dipping contact, then thrust gently again, still not as deep as I could but making good progress. I was a little but still I didn’t want the moment to be over, it was very stimulating.

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